AJ Marino

I was compelled to tell stories of humans interacting with themselves, the planet, and their emotions in 2012 when I picked up my first camera. Telling these stories has become the most impactful force in my life. I grew up in the high mountains of California, instantly awestruck to the eerie and mysterious force that attracts us to these places. Why do we feel the drive to expend ourselves to a challenge, to a summit, or to new experiences? I’m drawn to a culmination of filmmaking, compelling photography, and brand assent creation to explain what it is like to be simply human.

I have been lucky enough to make a living for myself with a camera in tow.  Whether hanging high above the ground documenting an on-sight climb or skiing steep couloirs to show an athlete’s dedication to the sport. I pride myself on creating real images, in real places. A viewer should be able to sense the tension at the moment. The wind whipping the ridge as a skier reaches the top of their line, a climbers defeat as they fall on their project after being sure that today was the day. I realized early on that these moments not only mean the most to me, but they tell the story of the brands that constantly evolve around these moments as well.

I was born and raised in Meyers, California, a small suburb of South Lake Tahoe. At six months old I received my first ski pass to Kirkwood Mountain Resort, unknowingly my entire life was going to revolve around the mountains. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada of California was a blessing. At a young age, I learned the ropes of mountain travel. Going to Yosemite to climb with my Dad or backcountry skiing with friends. I have a deep respect for the areas I love the most. At thirteen I received a point and shoot camera and ran around with my friends shooting everything I could. Eventually giving way to bigger and better equipment, I started my professional career at 19 years old. With the same passion for the high peaks of California; I would go on far off adventures and create content for Mountainsmith, Altra, San Francisco Chronicle, Novus Select, Sierra At Tahoe, Mad Rock, Guayaki Yerba Mate, X-Games, Tahoe South, Grand to Grand Ultra, Tahoe Trail Bar, and Arcade Belts. I still enjoy being outside without a camera and go skiing, climbing, mountain biking and fly fishing. I am now 22 years old and still base my career out of South Lake Tahoe, Ca.