Recent Work: Tahoe Aleworx and BlueZone Sports

I love shooting campaigns for brands. Being able to take a physical product and transform it into an emotional experience for a viewer is a special feeling. Especially when the brand is owned by someone you went to High-school with. When Luca from Lake Tahoe Aleworx contacted me about his new campaign I knew I had an outlet to create those emotional experiences through my images. Sometimes as a commercial photographer it is really hard to get clients to trust you and your style. Luca fortunately gave me full creative reign during this 4 day shoot. I think that reign speaks through the images he was delivered. We shot still assets alongside a video crew. Jonny Zeller met up with me from LA and we immediately hit it off, what we got to create for Luca was special. We set out to show Tahoe Aleworx’s new Stateline location, along with launching their new 16oz Cali Common cans. BlueZone sports also asked Luca if we could shoot advertising for their new summer product. We collaborated with both brands and created a one of a kind campaign for both stores. Brian Walker helped out immensely during the entire shoot and even shot some aerial content. When I wrapped post-production just hours ago, I took a second to look over my work, I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with both of these local companies.

Check out the work below.